Because videoblogging shares a lot of the visual language of television and film, people often consider it just a new twist on old, established media. But videoblogging is profoundly different from its relatives. First of all, unlike conventional television and film, it's a medium that is open to anyone with a few relatively simple, affordable tools. More significantly, though, instead of being a one-way communication from creator to consumer, like traditional media (not just movies and TV, but newspapers and magazines as well), vlogging is about creating conversations among members of a global community.

Vloggers give us a fresh look at the worlda vlogosphere that's not limited by geography, where people create communities. We may not all speak the same language, but post a vlog to the Internet showing your grandmother, the town that you live in, or whatever your passion may be, and you can communicate with anyone anywhere.

We had a simple motivation for writing this book: We wanted to encourage more people to join in the conversation. The more people participateby subscribing to vlogs, viewing and commenting on them, and posting their ownthe more compelling and meaningful the conversation becomes.

So now that you've harnessed this amazing new communication tool, please help us spread the word. Tell people about your own videoblog, share your favorite vlogs with them, and explain how to subscribe to vlogs.

And tell us what you're vlogging about so we can help promote you. Ryanne and Michael list new videoblogs on Freevlog (http://freevlog.org/wordpress/index.php/category/new-vlogs). Write to us at newvlog@freevlog.org with your vlog's address and the feed URL so you can be included.

Although we've come to the end of this book, vlogging has barely begun. If you're wondering what's next, believe us, we are too. How the vlogosphere grows and evolves is up to us all. We're sure of only one thing: wherever it leads will be truly astounding.

Secrets of Videoblogging
Secrets of Videoblogging
ISBN: 0321429176
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2006
Pages: 81

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