The following review questions can help you determine if you have sufficiently familiarized yourself with the material covered in this chapter. You can find the answers to these questions at the end of this book in Appendix A, "Questions and Answers."

  1. Your server’s only mailbox store is currently 15 GB in size. You expect it to double within the next 12 months, but the capacity of your corporate standard DLT tape is only 20 GB, with compression. Nevertheless, you want to continue performing full backups on a daily basis without changing the tapes during the operation and without setting quotas on the mailboxes of your users. How do you need to configure the system to achieve the backup functionality you want?
  2. Which two general options do you have to back up mailbox and public folder stores?
  3. What is the most significant advantage of the normal online backup compared to other online backup types?
  4. What are the disadvantages of normal online backups?
  5. You wish to back up mailboxes individually. Which utility should you use to perform these backups?
  6. You want to back up the configuration of your Exchange 2000 server. Which type of information do you need to include in your backup?
  7. What should you accomplish to ensure that you can restore an Exchange 2000 server from a backup?
  8. You want your IMAP4 users to be able to recover deleted items within 7 days after their deletion. How do you need to configure the Exchange 2000 server to achieve the functionality you want?
  9. Six months ago, you implemented a new backup plan to perform weekly offline and daily normal online backups. Yesterday, a virus entirely destroyed your server system. The virus tampered with the partition tables on all of your hard drives. How can you most quickly recover the most recent server state?
  10. An administrator of a partner company calls you to ask for help. A disk controller failure corrupted the one and only mailbox store of your business partner’s Exchange 2000 server. Unfortunately, the partner company never performed a server backup. What would you recommend to your colleague?

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