Who Should Read This Book

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Who Should Read This Book

Read this book if the concept, terminology, or setup of a Storage Area Network is new to you. Whether you are an experienced IT professional or a new practitioner, you will want to make these terms and this technology part of your background.

If you are planning a new SAN, converting your present storage solution to a SAN, or building out your present SAN, you will find useful concepts and ideas in this text.

Whether you work in an all-HP shop, a non-HP shop, a heterogeneous environment, or a mainframe data center, you will still find applicable information here. We describe Hewlett-Packard hardware and software products extensively, because we are very familiar with them, and we also happen to believe they are outstanding in performance, quality and reliability.

If you fall into one of the following groups, this book should be of value to you:

  • System administrators ”   those who control computer system configurations and resources

  • Network administrators ”   those who configure and support networks

  • Technical support/Response center engineers ”   those who support and troubleshoot mass storage resource problems for customers

  • IT executives ”   those responsible for acquiring and deploying storage technology solutions

  • IT students ”   those who want to get up to speed on real world business challenges

There s another person this book is intended for. That s the person who is or wants to become an IT SAN management professional. That s an individual who specializes in managing enterprise storage. The job title isn t in common use yet, but we think it will be used widely in the very near future.

By the way, it s also our intent that this book be informative, challenging, and fun for any general reader who wants to keep up with the latest technology.

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Storage Area Networks. Designing and Implementing a Mass Storage System
Storage Area Networks: Designing and Implementing a Mass Storage System
ISBN: 0130279595
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2000
Pages: 88

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