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S/N ratios (Signal-to-Noise ratios) 
S/PDIF (Sony-Philips Digital InterFace) 
S3 Savage4 video adapters 
sags (reductions in voltage) 
sample rate generators 
sample size, in audio files 
sampling sounds
    creating audio files 
    rates for, CD vs. analog 
Samsung Pro-FD drives 
Sanyo, BURN-Proof technology and 
SAO (Session-at-Once) recording 
SATA (serial ATA) 
Savage4 video adapters 
sawtooth waves 
SC242 sockets 
SCA (Single Connector Attachment) 
SCAM (SCSI Configured Auto Magically) 
    CD-ROM drives and 
scan codes (keyboard signals) 
screen area settings, changing 
screen size (displays) 
    devices  [See SCSI devices]
    disadvantages of 
    interoperability and 
    standards and implementations for 
    termination and 
SCSI Configured Auto Magically (SCAM) 
    CD-ROM drives and 
SCSI devices
    CD R/RW drives, installing/configuring 
    CD-ROM drives  2nd 
    DVD-ROM drives 
    hard disk drives
        installing  2nd 
    vs. IDE/ATA devices 
    tape drives
        communication problems and 
        configuring Windows 9x for 
    Zip drive and 
SCSI P cable, caution with 
SCSI Trade Association 
SDRAM (Synchronous DRAM) 
    forms of 
SE SCSI (single-ended SCSI) 
SE440BX Seattle motherboard  2nd 
    hard drives 
    tape drives 
SECC (Single Edge Contact Connector) 
second-generation processors 
Secondary cache,  [See L2 cache]
sector number registers 
sectors, in hard disk drives 
security for data, removable hard drives for 
SEPP (Single Edge Processor Package) 
serial adapters, multiport 
serial ATA (SATA) 
serial cables 
serial cards, caution with 
serial communications 
serial data transmission 
serial mice 
serial ports 
    hardware connected to, installing/configuring 
    recommendations for 
    resources required by 
Serial Presence Detect (SPD)  2nd 
serpentine recording 
Session-at-Once (SAO) recording 
SFX Baseboard Connector 
SFX Power Supply Design Guide Version 1.1 
SGRAM (Synchronous Graphics RAM) 
shadow masks, in monitors 
side panel cases 
Signal-to-Noise ratios (S/N ratios) 
signaling rates 
SIIG Inc. 
silver alloy, in CD-R blanks 
SIMD (Single Instruction, Multiple Data) 
SIMMs (Single Inline Memory Modules)
    form factors 
    memory guidelines for 
    rows and banks 
Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) 
sine waves 
Single Connector Attachment (SCA) 
single-conversion on-line UPS 
Single Edge Contact Connector (SECC) 
Single Edge Processor Package (SEPP) 
single-ended SCSI (SE SCSI) 
Single Inline Memory Modules  [See SIMMs]
Single Inline Pin Package (SIPP) 
Single Instruction, Multiple Data (SIMD) 
single-ported video adapters 
single-session recording 
Single-Sided, Double-Density (SSDD) 
SIPP (Single Inline Pin Package) 
SiSoft Sandra 
    system information, displaying 
slave, assigning for ATA devices 
SLDRAM (Synchronous Link DRAM) 
Slot 1 
    motherboards and 
    processors and 
    slotted processors, installing  2nd 
Slot A, installing slotted processors 
slot covers 
slots for motherboards  2nd 
slotted mask 
slotted processors, installing 
Small Computer Systems Interface  [See entries at SCSI]
Small Outline DIMM (SODIMM) 
SmithMicro Software  [See CheckIt]
smoke test 
    motherboards, installing 
SMP (Symmetric Multiprocessing)  2nd 
SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) 
Socket 4 processors
Socket 7 processors 
Socket 8 processors
    Dual Pattern Staggered Pin Grid Array (DP-SPGA) 
    Pentium Pros and 
Socket A processors 
socketed processors, installing 
sockets  2nd 
SODIMM (Small Outline DIMM) 
soft audio 
    for CD writers 
    memory needed for 
    for repairing PCs 
Sonera Technologies  2nd  3rd 
Sony HiFD drives 
Sony-Philips Digital InterFace (S/PDIF) 
sound adapters/cards  2nd 
    embedded in motherboards 
    headphones/speakers, choosing 
    recommendations for 
Sound Blaster sound card 
sound files 
sound generators 
SoundWave Pro PCI (SIIG) 
SPD (Serial Presence Detect)  2nd 
speakers  2nd 
    choosing/recommended  2nd 
speculative execution, in processors 
spherical tubes, in displays 
spindles, in hard disk drives 
SPS (Standby Power Supply)  2nd  3rd  [See also BPS]
square waves (output waveforms) 
SRAM (Static RAM) 
    discrete chips 
    Pentium processors and 
SSDD (Single-Sided, Double-Density) 
SSE (Streaming SIMD Extensions)  2nd 
ST506/412 as a disk interface 
standalone termination 
Standby Power Supply (SPS)  2nd  [See also BPS]3rd 
Standing Wave Reflection (SWR) 
startup disk, vs. emergency disk 
static electricity 
Static RAM  [See SRAM]
status bytes, in MIDI messages 
status indicators on backup power supplies 
steering wheel controllers 
stereo sound 
storage solutions
    removable hard drives for 
    removable magnetic devices 
StorCase Data Express hard drive system 
stored profiles, in game controllers 
STR (Suspend to RAM) 
Streaming SIMD Extensions (SSE)  2nd 
stripe pitch  2nd 
super-pipelining, in processors 
SuperDisk drives (Panasonic)  2nd 
    choosing/recommended  2nd 
    using as boot device 
superfloppy drives 
    recommendations for 
superscalar architecture, in processors 
surfaces, in hard disk drives 
Suspend to RAM (STR) 
switches (keyboard keys) 
switches, DIP 
switching times, in backup power supplies 
SWR (Standing Wave Reflection) 
Symantec Norton Utilities  [See Norton Utilities]
Symmetric Multiprocessing (SMP)  2nd 
synchronization ranges 
synchronous burst (cache types) 
Synchronous DRAM (SDRAM) 
    forms of 
Synchronous Graphics RAM (SGRAM) 
Synchronous Link DRAM (SLDRAM) 
synchronous modes (clocked) 
synchronous motherboards 
system boards  [See motherboards]
system resources 
    reserving, caution with 


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