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TAO (Track-At-Once recording)  2nd 
tape drives  2nd 
    backup strategies for 
    card-edge connectors 
    care of 
    choosing/recommended  2nd 
    CMOS configuring for 
    emulation modes for 
    hardware compression and, caution with 
    header-pin connectors and 
    installing  2nd 
    long filenames and 
    retensioning tapes 
tape rotation methods 
    caution with 
targets (devices) 
Technical Committee T13 
Tecmar tape drives, configuring 
text editors for software repair 
thermal compound 
third-party DMA 
third-height drives 
throttle axis, in game controllers 
throughput, video adapters and 
Thunderbird (Athlon Professional) processors 
ticks (clock cycles) 
tiered memory architectures 
tool-free cases 
    for backups 
    CDR Media Code Identifier 
    for repairing PCs 
Toshiba DVD drives 
Tower/AT and BAT pinouts  2nd 
tower/mini-tower cases 
Track-At-Once (TAO) recording  2nd 
    choosing/recommended  2nd 
tracks, in hard disk drives 
transfer cycles 
transfer rates, in CD writers 
transient responses 
transients (overvoltages) 
Travan technology 
tray mounting, in CD-ROM drives 
    CD-ROM drives 
    game controllers 
    power supplies 
    serial ports 
    sound adapters/cards 
    USB ports 
    video adapters 
TrueX drives 
tube geometries 
Turtle Beach Santa Cruz (Voyetra) 
two-way set associative write back algorithms 
typematic parameters 


PC Hardware in a Nutshell
PC Hardware in a Nutshell, 3rd Edition
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