Chapter 2. Observing Hacks

2. Observing Hacks

    Section 2.1.  Hacks 1132

    Hack 11.  See in the Dark

    Hack 12.  Protect Your Night Vision from Local Lights

    Hack 13.  Describe the Brightness of an Object

    Hack 14.  Identify Stars by Name

    Hack 15.  Identify Stars by Catalog Designations

    Hack 16.  Know Your Constellations

    Hack 17.  Understand Celestial Coordinate Systems

    Hack 18.  Print Custom Charts

    Hack 19.  Keep Your Charts at the Eyepiece

    Hack 20.  Locate Objects Geometrically

    Hack 21.  Learn to Star Hop

    Hack 22.  Learn to See DSOs

    Hack 23.  Observe Shallow-Space Objects

    Hack 24.  Slow Down, You Move Too Fast, You've Got to Make the Evening Last

    Hack 25.  Learn Urban Observing Skills

    Hack 26.  Sweep Constellations

    Hack 27.  Maintain an Observing Notebook

    Hack 28.  Develop an Organized Logging System

    Hack 29.  Plan and Prepare for a Messier Marathon

    Hack 30.  Run a Messier Marathon

    Hack 31.  Photograph the Stars with Basic Equipment

    Hack 32.  Discover and Name a New Planet

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