List of Figures

Chapter 1: Planning the Migration

Figure 1.1: Current Environment for Fabrikam
Figure 1.2: Evaluating Your Existing Hardware

Chapter 2: Upgrading to Windows Server 2003 Active Directory

Figure 2.1: Welcome to the Active Directory Installation Wizard page
Figure 2.2: Create New Domain Wizard Page
Figure 2.3: New Domain Name Wizard Page
Figure 2.4: Forest Functional Level Wizard Page
Figure 2.5: Database and Log Locations Wizard Page
Figure 2.6: Shared System Volume Wizard Page
Figure 2.7: DNS Registration Diagnostics Wizard Page
Figure 2.8: Permissions Wizard Page
Figure 2.9: Directory Services Restore Mode Administrator Password Wizard Page
Figure 2.10: Completing the Active Directory Installation Wizard Page
Figure 2.11: Creating a New Site
Figure 2.12: New Object - Site Creation Page
Figure 2.13: Creating a New Subnet
Figure 2.14: New Object - Subnet Creation Page
Figure 2.15: Subnet Properties Page
Figure 2.16: Creating a New Site Link
Figure 2.17: New Object - Site Link Creation Page
Figure 2.18: Moving a Server
Figure 2.19: Move Server Page
Figure 2.20: Fabrikam Site Topology

Chapter 3: Upgrading and Migrating WINS and DHCP Servers to Windows Server 2003

Figure 3.1: The WINS Tab in the Advanced TCP/IP Settings Dialog Box
Figure 3.2: Extracting Additional Files
Figure 3.3: The DHCPEXIM Tool
Figure 3.4: Export To File Dialog Box
Figure 3.5: DhcpEximExport Dialog Box

Chapter 4: Migrating File and Print Servers to Windows Server 2003

Figure 4.1: Printer Configuration Backup Dialog Box
Figure 4.2: Printer Configuration Restore Dialog Box

Chapter 6: Migrating Web Sites from IIS 4.0 to IIS 6.0

Figure 6.1: Enabling and Disabling Web Service Extensions
Figure 6.2: Importing an SSL Certificate to the Target Web Server
Figure 6.3: Using the Certificate Wizard to Assign a Server Certificate to a Web Site
Figure 6.4: Backing Up the Target Server
Figure 6.5: Disabling and Renaming the Guest User Account
Figure 6.6: Defining Auditing Policy Settings for an Event Category
Figure 6.7: Applying Auditing Policy Settings to a Local File or Folder
Figure 6.8: Enabling Logging on a Web Site

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