List of Tables

Chapter 1: Planning the Migration

Table 1.1: Fabrikam Server Hardware Configuration
Table 1.2: Servers and Services in the Current Environment for Fabrikam
Table 1.3: Domain Controller Role Assignments
Table 1.4: Server Role Assignments
Table 1.5: Fabrikam Server Network Configuration
Table 1.6: Active Directory Configuration Test Components
Table 1.7: Active Directory Functionality Test Components

Chapter 2: Upgrading to Windows Server 2003 Active Directory

Table 2.1: Information for Installing Active Directory on a Windows NT 4.0 PDC
Table 2.2: Information to Verify DNS Server Recursive Name Resolution
Table 2.3: Installing Active Directory on Additional Domain Controllers

Chapter 4: Migrating File and Print Servers to Windows Server 2003

Table 4.1: Features and Capabilities of File Server Types
Table 4.2: CPU Requirements for Windows Server 2003
Table 4.3: Operating System Performance Improvements on the Same Hardware
Table 4.4: Minimum and Maximum RAM for Windows Server 2003
Table 4.5: Factors That Affect File Server Capacity
Table 4.6: Data Types and Their Characteristics
Table 4.7: Comparing RAID Levels
Table 4.8: Using the Add Standard TCP/IP Printer Port Wizard

Chapter 5: Migrating to Dial-up and VPN Remote Access Servers Running Windows Server 2003

Table 5.1: Performing Common Tasks with RAS or RRAS (Windows NT Server 4.0) and in Routing and Remote Access (Windows Server 2003)
Table 5.2: Worksheet to Record Routing Settings_ ( continued )
Table 5.3: Worksheet to Record Remote Access Settings

Chapter 6: Migrating Web Sites from IIS 4.0 to IIS 6.0

Table 6.1: Recommended Service Startup Types on a Dedicated Web Server
Table 6.2: Subcomponents of Internet Information Services (IIS)
Table 6.3: Subcomponents of the World Wide Web Service
Table 6.4: IIS 6.0 Migration Tool Command-Line Parameters Used In This Scenario
Table 6.5: Predefined Web Service Extensions
Table 6.6: Web Site Permissions That Are Supported by IIS 6.0
Table 6.7: Options to Obtain Security Updates
Table 6.8: Security Ratings Used by Windows Update and Automatic Updates
Table 6.9: Windows Server 2003 Operating System Security
Table 6.10: Windows Server 2003 Policy Security
Table 6.11: Firewall and RouterSecurity
Table 6.12: Miscellaneous Security

Chapter 7: Migrating to Group Policy- Based Administration

Table 7.1: Administrative Templates in Windows Server 2003

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