What Tools Do You Need for this Book?

The great thing about CSS and DHTML is that, like HTML, they don't require any special or expensive software. Their code is just text, and you can edit it with a program such as TextEdit (Mac OS) or NotePad (Windows).

The support Web site (webbedenvironments.com/css_dhtml_ajax) includes a list of extremely helpful (and mostly free or cheap) utilities and tools that I recommend to anyone who creates Web sites.

In addition, a couple of programs make life with DHTML and CSS much easier by automating many of the tedious and repetitive tasks associated with Web design. I recommend using Adobe GoLive or Dreamweaver.

Supported Browsers

All of the code in this book has been carefully tested in Microsoft Internet Explorer 6+, Firefox 1.5+ (and other Mozilla Browsers), Opera 7+, and Apple Safari 1.5+. These browsers make up a good 99 percent of the browsers being used to surf the Web. All code should work in these browsers unless other-wise noted in the text. If you experience any problems with the code, please check this book'sWeb site (webbed-environments.com/css_dhtml_ajax) first for any updates, and then write me at dynamic@webbedenvironments.com.

CSS, DHTML and Ajax. Visual QuickStart Guide
CSS, DHTML, and Ajax, Fourth Edition
ISBN: 032144325X
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2006
Pages: 230

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