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I hope you'll be using a lot of the code from this book in your Web pages, and you are free to use any code in this book without having to ask my permission (although a mention for the book is always appreciated). However, watch outretyping information can lead to errors. Some books include a fancy-shmancy CD-ROM containing all the code from the book, and you can pull it off that disk. But guess who pays for that CD? You do. And CDs aren't cheap.

But if you bought this book, you already have access to the largest resource of knowledge that ever existed: the Web. And that's exactly where you can find the code from this book.

My support site for this Visual QuickStart Guide is at:

This site includes all the code you see in the book (Figure i.3) as well as quick-reference charts. You can download the code and any important updates and corrections from this site. You can also view all of the various code examples from this book within an easy-to-use Code Browser (Figure i.4).

Figure i.3. The support Web site for CSS, DHTML, & Ajax: Visual QuickStart Guide, open 24 hours a day.

Figure i.4. The Code Browser lets you quickly flip through the code examples in the book to test them out.

If you've got questions, I've got answers. You can contact me at:

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