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Sustainable Software Development: An Agile Perspective
By Kevin Tate
Publisher: Addison Wesley Professional
Pub Date: October 11, 2005
ISBN: 0-321-28608-1
Pages: 264

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   Praise for Kevin Tate's Sustainable Software Development
   The Agile Software Development Series
   About the Author
      Where This Book Fits
        Chapter 1.  Sustainable Software Development
      Sustainable Development
      Chemical Manufacturing and Sustainable Development
      Continual Improvement: The Accelerator Button
        Chapter 2.  Unsustainable Software Development and its Causes
      Technical Debt and the Flywheel
      The Perils of Jumping in Place
      The Causes of Unsustainable Development
        Chapter 3.  The Principles of Sustainable Software Development
      Why Principles Are More Important Than Practices
      Applying the Principles of Sustainable Development
      Culture, by Descriptive Words and Phrases
        Chapter 4.  Working Product
      Practice 1.  No "Broken Windows"
      Practice 2.  Be Uncompromising about Defects
      Practice 3.  "Barely Sufficient" Documentation
      Practice 4.  Continuous Integration
      Practice 5.  Nightly Builds
      Practice 6.  Prototyping
      Practice 7.  Don't Neglect Performance
      Practice 8.  Zero Tolerance for Memory and Resource Leaks
      Practice 9.  Coding Standards and Guidelines
      Practice 10.  Adopt Standards (Concentrate on Your Value-Add)
      Practice 11.  Internationalize from Day One
      Practice 12.  Isolate Platform Dependencies
        Chapter 5.  Defect Prevention
      The Role of Quality Assurance
      Practice 1.  Ruthless Testing
      Practice 2.  Use Available Tools
      Practice 3.  Pair Programming and Code Reviews
      Practice 4.  Lightweight Root-Cause Analysis
        Chapter 6.  Emphasis on Design
      Practice 1.  Design Vision
      Practice 2.  Guiding Principles
      Practice 3.  Simple Design
      Practice 4.  Refactoring
      Practice 5.  Design Patterns
      Practice 6.  Frequent Rapid Design Meetings
      Practice 7.  Commitment to Rearchitecture
      Practice 8.  Design for Reuse
        Chapter 7.  Continual Refinement
      Practice 1.  Iterative Development
      Practice 2.  Release Planning
      Practice 3.  Daily Standup Meetings
      Practice 4.  Retrospectives
      Practice 5.  Coaching and Team Development
      Practice 6.  Make Key Metrics Visible
        Chapter 8.  Culture Change and Sustainable Development
      Making Change Happen
      Change Factors and Enablers
      Start with What You Can Control and Influence
      Avoid Transition Plans
      Turning Unsustainable into Sustainable Development
      Sustainable Development for New Projects
      Some Other Ideas
      Change Examples
        Appendix 1.  Practice Summary
        Appendix 2.  Extreme Programming and Sustainable Software Development
      The Four Values of XP
      XP's Twelve Practices
      The Strengths of XP
      The Weaknesses of XP
      Simple Design
      Common Misconceptions of Extreme Programming
      Other Agile Development Methods
        Appendix 3.  Sustainable Software Development and the CMM
      The Capability Maturity Model (CMM)
      Agile Development and the CMM
        Appendix 4.  Recommended Reading
      Chapters 1 and 2: Sustainable Software Development, Unsustainable Software Development
      Chapter 3: The Principles of Sustainable Development
      Chapter 4: Working Product
      Chapter 5: Defect Prevention
      Chapter 6: Emphasis on Design
      Chapter 7: Continual Refinement
      Chapter 8: Making Culture Change Happen

Sustainable Software Development. An Agile Perspective
Sustainable Software Development: An Agile Perspective
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