Section III: Support Services

Section III: Support Services




System Backups

The frequency and timing of SW and data backups

System SW and Data will be backed up daily between the hours of 11 pm and 2 am and stored offsite.

Capacity Planning

Identification and development of future capacity requirements to meet system business requirements and budgeting cycles.

Capacity planning requirements will be identified and reviewed at least twice annually as part of an overall resource optimization and budgetary planning process.

System Change Management

The process to manage and track system change requests to the servers and applications.

All systems change requests are to be submitted to the Help Desk. This functions as the control and tracking point for all changes.

Change notification request periods are based on the type of change:

  • Major Projects:

    Two (2) weeks prior to change date.

  • Nonemergency:

    Five (5) days prior to change date.

  • Emergency Fix:

    Submitted within 24 hours after the fix has been implemented

SLA Reporting

Reporting of key metrics provide server availability and incident tracking.

Reporting will be provided monthly

SLA Document Management

SLA change control tracking

See Change Control table at end of document

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