Section II: Problem Management

Section II: Problem Management




Call Management Process

This is the process for the recording, diagnosis, tracking, and closure of Help Desk calls. This includes the flow of information, call severity definitions, and call resolution responsibilities. This covers from initial contact by the user to problem closure.

Attachment A describes the call management process flow and points of contact.

See Attachment B for Call Severity Definitions.

See Attachment F for Call Management Responsibilities

Help Desk Coverage Hours

The time the Help Desk will be available to accept calls

24 hours — 7 days a week.

Call Logging

This is the documenting of capture requests , symptoms, priority, contacts, and relevant information.

Call Acknowledgment

The time for the Help Desk to contact the call originator, acknowledging that the call was received.

See Attachment C for Call Response Times table.

Production Support Team

Production Support provides the next level of support when the Help Desk cannot resolve the problem or request.

The following groups make up the Production Support Team:

  • IT ISD provides support for UNIX, DBA, and OSA issues.

  • IT Applications Support provides support for application- related support problems.

  • IT Functional Support Team provides assistance for functional and training issues and questions

Production Support Team Response and Callback

The Response and Callback time frame is the length of time for Production Support to respond and call back the customer. The call-back to the customer may be from the Help Desk after the Production Support Team responds.

Note: The contacts for the Production Support Team must be provided to the Help Desk

The Production Support Team provides staffed coverage during the hours of 8 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday (Eastern Time USA, except per the division holiday schedule).

For the nonstaffed hours, the response time for Priority 1 problems is within 2 hours.

See Attachment C for Call Response Times table.

Status Calls

The Help Desk will provide updates on progress in resolving calls to identified personnel.

See Attachment C for Call Response Times table for the timing of status calls.

See Attachment D for Status Call Contacts.

Resolution Target

The target time that it will take to resolve each call depending on priority.

See Attachment B for Call Response Times table.

Escalation Procedures

The escalation process is a management notification procedure that is invoked when a problem persists after the problem resolution Target time frame is exceeded.

See Attachment E for Escalation Contacts.

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