Section I: System Availability

Section I: System Availability




Customer Required Hours of Operation

The hours that the system needs to be operational. This includes on-line availability for end users and batch processing capabilities

End user on-line hours:

6 am to 11 pm, Monday through Sunday (Eastern Std. Time USA)

Batch Processing hours: 2 am-6 am EST Monday through Sunday

System Server Availability

The hours that the system server will be available for processing

The system will be operational consistent with on-line and batch hours as noted above (reference Customer Required Hours of Operation).

The server system availability target is 99%.

The system will not be available for two hours daily (seven days a week) for scheduled backups and HW/SW system maintenance.

Other scheduled outages if required will not be measured against server system availability percentage.

System Availability Locations

Sites that the system supports. Locations of workstations

Manufacturing Plant Buildings 100, 200, 300

Network Availability

This refers to the availability of the connectivity from servers to the customer workstation.

Network availability must be consistent with Customer Required Hours of Operation referenced above.

Target network availability is 99.9%.

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