Attachment B: Problem Severity Definitions

Attachment B: Problem Severity Definitions



All calls will be classified into the following severity levels:

  • Priority 1

  • Priority 2

  • Major

  • Ordinary

  • Requests

Note 1: Priority 1 problems will be worked on a 24 — 7 basis until resolved. A customer contact must be assigned and be available on a 24 — 7 basis to assess alternative solutions and finalize problem resolution verification.

Note 2: Priority 2 problems will be worked during regular local business hours by production support groups.

Priority 1:

The ability to conduct business or service the customer has stopped .

Examples: Server down, network down, database down, application down, concurrent mgrs. down.

Priority 2:

Service is seriously degraded but can continue its operation via a work-around or incremental resource for a short period of time before business stops.

Examples: Extremely slow system performance, a piece of application functionality is down or has a "bug."


Service is lost by a single or small number of users, affecting significant business functionality. Problems or incidents where a work-around exists or can be developed with a small amount of incremental resources.


Problem or incident where single users can operate some of the system activities normally, but a definite problem is identified.


Any call from single users or site groups that are requesting a new service or some clarification (e.g., requesting a new user logon, a new printer setup, or the meaning of a system message).

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