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Hands-On Microsoft Access: A Practical Guide to Improving Your Access Skills
By Bob Schneider
Publisher: Addison Wesley Professional
Pub Date: August 24, 2005
ISBN: 0-321-24545-8
Pages: 528

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   Praise for Hands-On Microsoft Access
      How Will This Book Help Me Use Access More Effectively?
      Is This Book Meant for Me?
      Why Is Understanding Database Principles So Essential for Using Access?
      How Is This Book Different from All Other Access Books?
      How Much Access Do I Need to Know to Use This Book?
      What Topics Does (and Doesn't) This Book Cover?
      How Should I Read This Book?
      What Teaching Devices Does This Book Use?
      Which Version(s) of Access Does This Book Cover?
      What's So Great About an Access Database Anyway?
   About the Author
      Chapter 1.  Getting Started
      Key Terms
      Data Types
      Primary Keys
      It's About Nothing: Null Values and Zero-Length Strings
      Chapter 2.  Database Design
      Learning About Database Design
      Getting Started
      Midchapter Review
      Relational Database Principles
      Organizing Fields into Tables
      Refine the Fields
      Multivalue Fields
      Chapter 3.  Understanding Relationships
      The Primacy of Primary Keys
      One-to-Many Relationships
      Many-to-Many Relationships
      Final List of Fields and Relationships
      Exclusive Identification
      Refining Field Names
      Table Types
      What Is Normalization?
      Chapter 4.  Establishing Relationships
      Viewing and Creating Relationships
      Referential Integrity
      Overriding Referential Integrity
      The Mechanics of the Relationship Window
      Test Data and Conclusion
      Case Example
      Chapter 5.  Building Tables
      Understanding Lookup Fields
      Creating Access Tables
      Creating Fields
      Assigning Field Properties
      Making Changes to Tables and Fields
      Table Properties
      Case Example
      Chapter 6.  Entering, Editing, and Displaying Data
      Tables Are the Center of the Access Universe
      Data Entry in Table, Form, and Query Datasheets
      How Form Controls Inherit Field Characteristics
      Data Entry Methods
      Data Entry: Form Versus Substance
      Case Example
      Chapter 7.  Find and Filter
      Find and Replace
      Filters in Reports
      Case Example
      Chapter 8.  Queries
      The Nature of Queries
      Building Queries
      Adding Calculated Fields
      Top Values Property
      Multitable Queries
      Relationships Versus Joins
      Inner Versus Outer Joins
      Updating Records in a Query
      Find Duplicates Query Wizard
      Chapter 9.  Queries, Part II
      Parameter Queries
      Totals Queries
      Crosstab Queries
      Action Queries
      Chapter 10.  Reports
      Learning How to Create Reports
      The Asia Database
      Begin the Report by Creating a Query
      Beginning a Report in Design View
      Detail Section
      Page Header and Footer
      Using Concatenation
      Report Header and Footer
      Creating a Report Using the Report Wizard
      Comparing the From-Scratch and From-Wizard Reports
      Case Example
      Chapter 11.  Forms/Subforms
      Form Overview
      Exploring Form Tools
      Using the Form Wizard
      Refining Your Form
      Case Example
      Chapter 12.  Form/Report Design Elements
      Adding Pictures and Other Objects
      Visual Elements and Tools
      Manipulating Controls
      Multipage Forms
      Switchboard Manager
      Other Report Types
      Case Example
      Chapter 13.  Importing and Exporting
      Import/Export Overview
      Move Access Data to a Word Processor or Text Editor
      Move Access Data to Excel
      E-mail an Access Object
      Import Access Data into Outlook
      Importing Data into Access
      Importing Access Data
      Linking Versus Importing
      Case Example
      Chapter 14.  Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts
      Getting Started with Pivot Tables
      Pivot Tables Using Queries
      Pivot Table Properties
      Creating Pivot Charts
      Case Example

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