Part 6. Adding and Formatting Pictures

The pictures and other graphical elements in your pages add not only useful content but also style. Even better, adding pictures is easier than you might think. In this part, you'll learn not only how to add pictures, but also how to make them look great. (Part 7 builds on this part, showing you still more ways to dress up your page with graphics, sound, and motion.)

While adding pictures to your pages, keep in mind that every picture lengthens the time it takes the page to fully materialize on a visitor's screen. You know from your own surfing trips how frustrating a slow Web page is, especially when it's slow just because it has too many pictures. (In Part 12, you'll learn how FrontPage 2003 helps you predict the online performance of your page so that you can fine-tune it before you publish.) In this part and in Part 7, you'll learn to make the choices that will make your pages both beautiful and quick.

Easy Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003
Easy Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003
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