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false values 2nd
fclose( )
fetch( )
     logging debugging information/errors
fetch_rss( )
fetchAll( ) 2nd
FFI (Foreign Function Interface) extension
fflush( )
fgetcsv( ) 2nd
fgets( ) 2nd
     counting lines/paragraphs/records
     processing every word in a file with
field data records, generating
file transfer protocol [See FTP]
file( ) 2nd
file_exists( )
file_get_contents( ) 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
fileatime( ) 2nd
filectime( ) 2nd
filegroup( )
     flushing output to files with
fileinode( )
filemtime( ) 2nd
fileowner( )
fileperms( )
     compressed files, reading and writing
     configuration, reading
     counting lines/paragraphs/records
     creating/opening files
     custom types, reading and writing
     encrypted data, storing in
     filehandles, writing to
     flushing output to
     information, getting
     modifying in place
     passing input into programs
     permission values 2nd
     picking random lines from
     processing every word in
     randomizing all lines in
     reading standard output from a program
     remote files, opening
     shell metacharacters, escaping
     standard errors, reading from a program
     standard input, reading from
     standard output, writing to
     strings, reading into
     temporary files, creating
     variable length text fields, processing
filesize( )
filetype( )
FilterIterator subclass
final keyword
     abstract methods and
fixed-width field data records, generating
floating-point numbers
floatval( )
flock( )
floor( )
flush( )
flushing output
font character sizes
fopen( ) 2nd 3rd
     file modes
     filehandles, creating
     reading CSV data
     reading from the keyboard
     remote files and
     standard input and
     temporary file, creating
for loop
     operating on a series of integers
foreach loop 2nd
Foreign Function Interface (FFI) extension
<form/> element
formatted time string
     cross-site scripting, preventing
     drop-down menus
     global variable injection, preventing
     input, processing
     multiple options, selecting
     multiple submissions
     redisplaying with preserved information and error messages
     regular expressions, avoiding
     remote variables with periods in their names
     spoofing, protecting against
     uploaded files, processing
Fortin, Michel
forward slash (/)
fputcsv( ) 2nd
fputs( )
fread( ) 2nd 3rd
FreeType library
French Republican calendar
Friedl, Jeffrey E. F.
fsockopen( )
fstat( )
ftok( )
FTP (file transfer protocol)
     getting and putting files
     remote files, opening
FTP_ASCII parameter
ftp_close( )
ftp_get( )
ftp_put( )
func_get_arg( )
func_get_args( )
func_num_args( ) 2nd
function keyword
function( ) inside XSL stylesheet 2nd
     addFunction( ) method, binding
     arrays, applying to each element
     default values, setting
     dynamic, creating
     encapsulation and
     global variables, accessing
     interpolating within strings
     parameters, accessing
         passing values by
         returning values by
     regular expressions, using inside of
     returning failure
     skipping selected return values
     timing execution
     values, returning more than one
     variable functions, calling
     variable number or arguments, creating
     XSLT stylesheet, calling from
functionString( ) inside XSL stylesheet 2nd
"fuzz factor" calculations
fwrite( ) 2nd

PHP Cookbook, 2nd Edition
PHP Cookbook: Solutions and Examples for PHP Programmers
ISBN: 0596101015
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2006
Pages: 445

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