Lesson 8. Recording

Media Time Goals

APTS_Logic_7 > Song Files > Lesson 8 Project Files > 08Begin.lso

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APTS_Logic_7 > Song Files > Lesson 8 Project Files

This lesson takes approximately 90 minutes to complete.

Record both MIDI and audio to further augment the song

Set up Logic's metronome and count-in

Filter MIDI input for recording

Experiment with the Cycle Record and Capture Last Take features

Choose sampling rate, bit-depth, and stereo/mono settings

Learn to punch in and out on a recording

To this point you've arranged a song with the Matrix, Hyper, and Event List editors, inputting sampled audio and MIDI by hand. These techniques can take you a long way, but to really make a song your own you need to start recording.

Recording is a simple process in Logic, but it's also one you should practice, because recordings must be done correctly. There's an old saying in the digital world: Garbage in, garbage out. In other words, it's important to start with the best possible recordings, because if the original recording is bad, there's very little you can do to fix it inside Logic. The following lesson will walk through several techniques used to record both MIDI and audio. With a little practice, you'll nail your recordings almost every time. In turn, that will speed up your workflow, helping you to create great-sounding audio.

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