Setting Up the Metronome

Piano players practice playing to the click of a metronome, because the metronome helps them keep a steady rhythm. Similarly, as you record MIDI data into Logic it is beneficial to have a steady click play to help you keep your timing correct. For this purpose, Logic provides an internal metronome (sometimes called a click track).


The Metronome's click sound is created by Logic's Klopfgeist Audio Instrument (Klopfgeist is German for knocking ghost). By default, the Klopfgeist is inserted on Audio Instrument 128.

The metronome's sole purpose is to provide a steady beat for you to play along to. You can enable or disable it at any time as you program, play, or record your arrangements. Of course, the metronome really shines when it's time to record because its steady click ensures you play in time with the song. To prepare for recording MIDI later in the chapter, let's set up the metronome.


Open the file named 08Begin.lso, or continue working on your song from the previous lesson.


In the Transport panel, click and hold the Metronome button (the one with a picture of an old-fashioned metronome).

A pop-up menu appears.


From the pop-up menu select Metronome.

The Song Settings window opens to display the Metronome pane.


In the Options area at the bottom of the Metronome pane, ensure that "Click while recording" is checked.

"Click while recording" enables the metronome to automatically be heard each time you enter Record mode.


If you check the "Only during count-in" box, the metronome clicks just until you begin recording. (Count-ins are discussed in the next section.) This option is very handy for vocals, because you get a good timing reference while you're setting up to record, but the metronome turns off once the vocal starts, so you're not distracted by the clicking metronome during recording.


Leave the Song Settings window open.

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