Web Service File Transfer (WSFT) is a feature-rich sample application that can be used to exchange data between business partners securely, reliably, and with non-repudiation. WSFT features include:

  • WSFT is based on industry standards using SOAP with HTTP for data transfer.
  • WSFT is built on Microsoft .NET and uses the Web services of .NET.
  • Data chunking for easier transmission.
  • Data flow control to set a maximum transfer rate.
  • Restart transmission to restart the transmission at the point where interruption occurred.
  • Secure transmission by requiring authentication and authorization.
  • Scalability from small installations through multi-processor systems.
  • Performance regardless of document size.

The universal business challenge of transferring data to other businesses reliably and securely over the Internet is met and resolved by the Web Service File Transfer (WSFT) utility.

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