Configure BizTalk Messaging Services

Configure BizTalk Messaging Services

In this procedure you run the setup application to configure the BizTalk Messaging Services for the hub and the supplier to run the e-procurement sample.

The e-procurement setup application performs the following tasks:

  • Creates these message queues:









    The queues are used to transfer data between the business partners represented by the running hub and supplier XLANG schedules. The status queue is used to provide dynamic updates to the application used to submit orders from the hub.

  • Creates the channels and ports

    Each channel is configured to override the messaging port default values and associate the message with a specific XLANG schedule instance by using the message label.

  • Registers the COM components
  • Creates the Message Queuing receive function
  • Creates the XML Web services
  • Moves the document specifications to the WebDAV folder
  • Configures the BizTalk Messaging Management database
  • Registers the necessary DLLs

Prior to running the setup application, verify that none of the message queues listed above exist. If any of these queues exist, the e-procurement sample setup might fail.

To set up the e-procurement sample

  1. In Windows Explorer, browse to the folder \Microsoft .NET Server Solutions for the Enterprise\E-Procurement\Application\eprocurement\Setup.
  2. Double-click eProcSetup.exe.

    A setup dialog box appears.

  3. Click Setup.

    A status field in the dialog box displays the progress of the setup until it completes.

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