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  1. Describe a basic sample toolkit for the computer professional.
  2. What is a Torx driver used for?
  3. How many bootable floppy disks are needed for a computer professional's tool kit?
  4. You are only going to check the memory chips. Do you need to follow ESD (electrostatic discharge) safety practices?
  5. SIMMs are available in two physical configurations. What are they?
  6. You have an extra 16 MB of RAM on a single 30-pin SIMM, and a friend has a computer and needs more memory. What do you need to check in order to determine if this memory module can be used on your friend's computer?
  7. What is parity? Can parity chips be mixed with nonparity chips?
  8. Can L1 cache memory be upgraded?
  9. Your client wants to install an internal modem. How would you determine whether this internal modem could be installed on your client's machine?
  10. A friend just got a bargain on a new Plug and Play sound card and wants to install it on her 486SX computer. Will it work?
  11. How do you determine whether to upgrade the CPU or install another motherboard?
  12. What is the advantage of Plug and Play?
  13. What are the four requirements that must be addressed before installing a new drive in a computer?


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