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Welcome to the A+ Certification Training Kit. This technology-based training kit is intended to provide the user with the skills necessary for A+ Certification. It is a study of the computer—its hardware and software—from its earliest beginnings, through the advent of the mainframe and personal computers, up to present-day Pentium processor-driven machines.

The computer industry has evolved and grown phenomenally since its commercial inception in the 1960s. This industry is so vast and complex that no one can claim to understand all its aspects. However, to participate in this ever-changing and growing industry, the computer technician must be able to demonstrate a level of proficiency with computers and technology. Certification is a first step in establishing your presence as a computer professional. It provides you with the opportunity to gain the skills you need, it helps you establish your knowledge base, and it gives you the confidence to get started.

For more information on becoming A+ Certified, refer to the section titled "The A+ Certification Program" later in this introduction.

Each chapter in this book is divided into lessons. Each lesson ends with a brief summary, and each chapter concludes with a chapter summary and a set of review questions to test your knowledge of the chapter material.

The "Getting Started" section of this introduction provides important instructions that describe the hardware and software recommendations presented in this course. Read through the section thoroughly before you start the lessons.

Microsoft Corporation - A+ Certification Training Kit
Microsoft Corporation - A+ Certification Training Kit
Year: 2000
Pages: 127

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