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This book was developed for the entry-level computer technician, as well as the experienced technician who is seeking certification. For the entry-level student, it starts by explaining the basics and moves on to more complex topics. It introduces the simple concepts that underlie today's computers. Once this foundation is established, it brings you up to date with the latest technology covered by the A+ exam. For the more experienced user, it provides a fresh review and focus on what is required to meet the objectives of the A+ exam.


There are no formal prerequisites such as course work or specific knowledge base. This is an entry-level course, and everything you need to know is provided in the text.

To better understand the concepts presented and to complete any exercises or practices, it would be useful to have a computer with an Intel processor and, at the very least, MS-DOS 6.2 and Windows 3.x. A Windows 95-based computer is recommended. Windows NT or other types of operating systems are not recommended because some of their features are beyond the scope of the A+ Certification Program.

Microsoft Corporation - A+ Certification Training Kit
Microsoft Corporation - A+ Certification Training Kit
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