11. Arrays Part II: Multidimensional Arrays - searching and Sorting Arrays



You will learn about the following in this chapter:

  • Arrays with more than one dimension

  • How to declare, define, and initialize multidimensional arrays

  • How two-dimensional arrays form an invaluable data structure when

    • Constructing computer games involving boards or maps

    • Tracking information that is best presented in a table of rows and columns

  • The differences between rectangular and jagged multidimensional arrays

  • The invaluable relationship between nested loop constructs and multidimensional arrays

  • How the foreach iteration statement can simplify the code significantly compared to other iteration statements when traversing a multidimensional array

  • The most commonly used built-in array methods supplied by the .NET Framework

  • Two classic computational problems associated with arrays sorting and searching

  • The famous Bubble Sort algorithm and how to apply it to sort a one-dimensional array

  • The performance of the Bubble Sort algorithm compared with that of .NET's built-in array sorting method. This provides another example of why code reuse is so important in software development.

  • Two classic search algorithms The slow Sequential Search and the speedy Binary Search and how to implement them

  • How .NET's pre-built array methods can be used to search an array


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