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Each project in this book is based on the editing of a real project file. You can download the project files either for the entire book all at once or for each chapter individually. The project files are available on the book's companion Web site: There you will find the files that were used to produce the figures throughout the book, any errata to the book, and supplemental materials like bonus text, commentary from the author, and links to useful online resources.

For each project, there will be an archive of all the files you need to work along with the text; this includes any graphic files needed as well as a version of the project file at its outset. These files follow a consistent naming scheme; for example, the figure that corresponds to Figure 7.3 will be named ch0703.html, the Project 1 working file will be ch01proj.html. This is the file you should open up with a text editor and make changes to as the project moves forward. You can also load it into a Web browser and hit Reload at each step to see what effect the new styles have.

You'll also find the files for the first book, Eric Meyer on CSS. You can download them whether or not you've read the book, but they probably won't make as much sense if you haven't.

More Eric Meyer on CSS
More Eric Meyer on CSS (Voices That Matter)
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