5 Learn How to Think Like the Experts

5 Learn How to Think Like the Experts

Become a student of the world's best presenters. We can study the world's best presenters by listening to their audiotapes, viewing their videotapes, watching them on television, in movies, and, wherever possible, by observing them in person. For example, Winston Churchill became one of the most masterful presenters of the 20th century. However, he was not a "naturally gifted" speaker. In fact, as a child, he stuttered badly. Yet he became one of the world's greatest orators. The stories of how Churchill, Gandhi, John Kennedy, Barbara Jordan,[4] and Barbara Coloroso[5] came to understand and apply skills of other Master Presenters makes fascinating study and demonstrates that none of the eminent speakers who we might choose to emulate were "born speakers." Each had to work at it, just like master chess players or golf pros. To become a Master Presenter, we must learn from the experts. You can begin by researching excellent presenters on the Internet, in books, in movies, on videotapes, on CDs or audiotapes, and through in-person or telephone interviews.


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As shown below, make three columns. In the first column, list the names of several expert presenters and influencers you would like to know more about. In the second column, list what you would like to learn. For example, how they accomplished what they did and the strategies, skills, and methods they used to achieve their results. In the third column, list the resources you will use to research the expert(s) you have chosen. For example, you might want to learn more about powerful beginnings, storytelling, and the use of vocal variety. Some examples of the resources you could use are: the Internet, library, audiotapes, and/or videotapes of presentations and books of effective presentation skills.

Name of Expert

What I Would Like to Learn


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[4]Barbara Jordan was a United States Congresswoman who became the voice of moral authority during the Watergate hearings. She was also the keynote speaker at the 1976 Democratic National Convention and the first black woman from the south to be elected to the U.S. House of Representatives.

[5]Barbara Coloroso is the award-winning expert on parenting and the author of the book Kids Are Worth It! (New York: Harper Resource, 2002). Kids Are Worth It! is also available as a videocassette and an audiocassette titled available from http://www.kidsareworthit.com.

The Seven Strategies of Master Presenters
The Seven Strategies of Master Presenters
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