Preparing for Reproduction

Now that you have compiled retouched images, you need to convert them into a useable format for reproduction. You should save your images in the RGB format because most desktop printers work in RGB ColorSpace. Before printing, also be certain to select the proper paper profile. Many manufacturers offer canned profiles as free downloads on their Web sites. When using a paper profile, be sure to turn off your printer's color management. If you are planning to reproduce your work in quantity and/or are seeking better quality than your desktop printer or service bureau can provide, you will need to explore the world of commercial printing. For commercial printing, you should save your images as CMYK; in addition, you need to know the specific settings from the printer.


There are so many variables and challenges in the area of commercial printing that I strongly suggest you contact a full-service printer to obtain the proper settings.(If you have your color space set to US Prepress, you'll be very close most of the time.)

Digital Food Photography
Digital Food Photography
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