Chapter 9. Get Cooking and Make Some Money: Getting into the Business

Success is about being organized.

Most photographers, including me, are creative individuals. We view the world differently from other people. We prefer to avoid typical, mundane activities like filing tax returns, paying rent, and getting health-insurance coverage. Don't let these tasks overwhelm you. Start with good habits and do them right. This will set you up with a solid foundation that will enable you to maintain a client database and keep your studio running smoothly!

Joan O'Brien, my studio manager since 1991, has taken care of many of those details. She keeps me organized while I run in several directions, talk on my cell phone, and work too many hours of the day and nightmultitasking constantly. Because there is only one Joan, I suggest that you use a date book or pocket diary to organize your appointments, maintain your to-do list including calls you need to make, and keep track of your schedule.

Digital Food Photography
Digital Food Photography
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