ATM, ISDN, and Dial

This section addresses common questions involving the management of ATM, ISDN, and dial interfaces.

How Do I Get ATM Sub-interface Traffic Statistics?

Depending on the version of IOS you are running, you can gather per VC statistics based on the ifTable from RFC 2233 provided that each VC is on a separate sub-interface.

SNMP ifTable subinterface support for ATM LANE clients became available in IOS 11.2. Support for all other ATM encapsulations became available in 12.0T.

For more information, please see "Performance Management" in Chapter 14, "ATM Performance and Fault Management."

How Can I Track Rejected Modem and ISDN Calls?

From the CISCO-POP-MGMT-MIB, use the cpmISDNCallsRejected MIB object for ISDN and cpmModemCallsRejected for modems.

"MIB Variables for Monitoring ISGN and Modem Connections" and "CLI Commands for Modem Status Monitoring" in Chapter 17, "Monitoring LAN Technologies ISDN and Dial," provide some additional information on rejected modem and ISDN calls.

How Can I Track Calls that Are Rejected Due to Lack of B Channels or Modem Available?

From the CISCO-POP-MGMT-MIB, use the cpmISDNNoResource mib object.

For more information, please see Chapter 17.

Performance and Fault Management
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