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B- and D-channels, PRI circuits
B-channels (bearer channels)
Background( ) application 2nd
        sound files, specifying
BackgroundDetect( ) application
        analog telephony
        network, future of
        PCM-encoded telephone circuit
Basic Rate Interface (BRI) ISDN circuits 2nd
Berkeley DB Version 1 database
best effort method, QoS and
binary one (1), voltage and
binary zero (0), relation to 0-volt signal
        control over IRQ assignment
        USB activation
bison parser
        not found, error caused by
bit resolution, analog wave samples
        increasing resolution
bit-resolution, analog wave samples
        effects on quality of digitally encoded waveform
        ADPCM (Adaptive Differential PCM)
        Variable Bitrate (VBR) codecs
blacklist, looking up numbers on
Boolean operators
BOOST_RINGER option (zconfig.h file)
boostringer parameter, activating for Zaptel
BRA (Basic Rate Access) ISDN circuits
BRI (Basic Rate Interface) ISDN circuits 2nd
bridged calls, echo cancellation
buffering output
        flushing after every write in Python AGI script
        turning off in AGI Perl scripts 2nd
        turning off in AGI PHP script 2nd
bug fixes
built-in audio and video components on motherboards
business case for Asterisk
        flexibility for growth
busy destination
        Dial( ) application handling of
busy message, voicemail
busy signal, fast
Busy( ) application

Asterisk. The Future of Telephony
Asterisk: The Future of Telephony: The Future of Telephony
Year: 2001
Pages: 380

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