AgentMonitorOutgoing( )

AgentMonitorOutgoing( ) Records an agent's outgoing calls

 AgentMonitorOutgoing([   options   ]) 

Records all outbound calls made by a call agent.

This application tries to figure out the ID of the agent who is placing outgoing call based on a comparison of the Caller ID of the current interface and the global variable set by the AgentCallbackLogin( ) application. As such, it should be used only in conjunction with (and after!) the AgentCallbackLogin( ) application. It uses the monitoring functions in the chan_agent module instead of the Monitor( ) application to record the calls. This means that call recording must be configured correctly in the agents .conf file.

By default, recorded calls are saved to the /var/spool/asterisk/monitor/ directory. This may be overridden by changing the savecallsin parameter in agents.conf .

If the Caller ID and/or agent ID are not found, this application will go to priority n +1, if it exists (where n is the current priority).

Returns unless overridden by one of the options.

The options argument may include one or more of the following:


Make this application return -1 if there is an error condition and there is no extension n +101.


Change the Call Detail Record so that the source of the call is recorded as Agent/agent_id .


Don't generate warnings when there is no Caller ID or if the agent ID is not known. This option is useful if you want to have a shared context for agent and non-agent calls.

 ; record outbound calls for this agent, and change the CDR to reflect     ; that the call is being made by an agent     exten => 123,1,AgentMonitorOutgoing(c) 

See Also

AgentCallbackLogin( ) , agents.conf

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