Section 1.1. Hacks 110: Introduction

1.1. Hacks 110: Introduction

The Palm's standard Applications (the built-in applications such as the Date Book, Address Book, MemoPad, and the To Do List) together with the Palm desktop software seem simple, but there are some clever tricks to get the most out of them. The hacks in this section explore the corners of these well-known applications. You may find some new tricks you didn't know about before.

Palm devices, and the standard applications in particular, are models of simplicity. This simplicity came from the careful design of the original team and has been refined over the years. The standard applications work smoothly. For those of us who like to poke around inside the box, however, there are still a few things left to play with. Hopefully you will be surprised by some of these tricks. Some people may know them all, but most people should learn a few new things.

Come and explore what lies inside the standard applications.

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