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EDATE( ) function
edge cells
Edit Links dialog box
Edit menu
        AutoFill command
        Clear command
        Copy command
        Cut command
        Delete command
        Delete Sheet command
        Edit Links command
        Find command
        Go To command
        Move or Copy Sheet command
        Object command
        Office Clipboard command
        Paste as Hyperlink command
        Paste command
        Paste Special command
        Repeat command
        Replace command
        Undo command
edit mode, putting cell in
Edit Scenario dialog box
Edit Web Query window
EFFECT( ) function
        sending workbook by 2nd
        sending workbook for review
embedded charts 3rd [See also embedded objects] [See also embedded objects]
embedded objects 2nd 3rd
        difference between editing linked objects and
        inside other embedded objects
empty format string
END (Status bar indicator)
End key
end- user databases
EOMONTH( ) function
equal sign (=) 2nd
equal to (=) operator
error bars, adding for scientific data
Error Checking dialog box
error checking formulas
error codes
        # NAME ?
ERROR.TYPE( ) function
Evaluate Formula dialog box
EVEN( ) function
events (programming)
EXACT( ) function
        how Excel compares different types of data
        programming 2nd [See also VBA, programming spreadsheets with]
        version numbering
Excel 2002 and data lists
exchanging data with other programs
       databases [See databases]
        dragging chart into Word
       embedding objects [See embedding objects]
       exporting data [See exporting data]
       importing data [See importing data]
       linking objects [See linking objects]
Exit command 2nd
EXP( ) function
exploded pie charts
exploding slices in pie chart
Export command (XML)
exporting charts
exporting data
        to HTML
exporting tables of data
EXT (Status bar indicator)
Extended mode

Excel. The Missing Manual
Excel 2010: The Missing Manual
ISBN: 1449382355
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2003
Pages: 185

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