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BlackBerry Hacks
By Dave Mabe
Publisher: O'Reilly
Pub Date: October 2005
ISBN: 0-596-10115-5
Pages: 328

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      About the Author
      Why BlackBerry Hacks?
      How to Use This Book
      How This Book Is Organized
      Where to Learn More
      Using Code Examples
      How to Contact Us
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      Chapter 1.  Using Your BlackBerry
      Section 1.1.  Hacks 1 21: Introduction
      Hack 1.  Choose a Data Plan
      Hack 2.  Cut and Paste Text
      Hack 3.  Take the Easy Way Out with Shortcuts
      Hack 4.  Sync Your Calendar over the Air
      Hack 5.  Organize the Icons on the Home Screen
      Hack 6.  Run Programs in the Background
      Hack 7.  Type Less Using AutoText
      Hack 8.  View the Event Log
      Hack 9.  Use Your BlackBerry as a Modem
      Hack 10.  Maximize Your Battery Life
      Hack 11.  Optimize Your BlackBerry Browser
      Hack 12.  Maximize Your Free Memory
      Hack 13.  Get Things Done with the BlackBerry
      Hack 14.  Create Your Own Polyphonic Ringtones
      Hack 15.  Store a Photo Collection on Your Device
      Hack 16.  Turn Your Computer into a Speakerphone
      Hack 17.  Display Signal Strength as a Number
      Hack 18.  Dial Like a Pro
      Hack 19.  Put Notes in the Call Log
      Hack 20.  Upgrade Your Handheld Software
      Hack 21.  Type on a Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard
      Chapter 2.  Email
      Section 2.1.  Hacks 22 31: Introduction
      Hack 22.  Clear Your Inbox Quickly
      Hack 23.  Create Persistent Custom Searches
      Hack 24.  Filter Messages by Type
      Hack 25.  Use an Auto Signature
      Hack 26.  Send a Message to a Group of Users
      Hack 27.  Send a Message Directly to Another BlackBerry User
      Hack 28.  Send and Receive S/MIME Encrypted Emails
      Hack 29.  Six Ways to Check Your Gmail
      Hack 30.  Use Filters to Control Message Delivery
      Hack 31.  Get Mail from Multiple Accounts
      Chapter 3.  Games
      Section 3.1.  Hacks 32 36: Introduction
      Hack 32.  Play Texas Hold 'Em
      Hack 33.  Play Chess
      Hack 34.  Play Free Java Games
      Hack 35.  Play Free Magmic Games
      Hack 36.  Play Zork on Your BlackBerry
      Chapter 4.  The Internet and Other Networks
      Section 4.1.  Hacks 37 50: Introduction
      Hack 37.  Configure Your BlackBerry for Internet Access
      Hack 38.  Blog from Your BlackBerry
      Hack 39.  Read News and Blogs on the BlackBerry
      Hack 40.  Control Another Computer Remotely
      Hack 41.  Use Google Maps
      Hack 42.  Telnet or SSH to Internet Servers
      Hack 43.  Telnet or SSH to Intranet Servers
      Hack 44.  Chat over IM
      Hack 45.  Chat over IRC
      Hack 46.  Bookmark It on
      Hack 47.  Use Backpack as Your Mobile Workspace
      Hack 48.  Use Gmail as a Spam-Catcher
      Hack 49.  Use Your BlackBerry Browser to…
      Hack 50.  Find Your Way with a GPS
      Chapter 5.  Free Programs
      Section 5.1.  Hacks 51 59: Introduction
      Hack 51.  Get Fast and Free Mobile Search
      Hack 52.  Store Your Passwords Securely
      Hack 53.  Skin Your Device
      Hack 54.  Run a Stress Test
      Hack 55.  Install a Planetarium
      Hack 56.  Rein In Your Backlight
      Hack 57.  Use Multiple Reply-to Addresses
      Hack 58.  Shop
      Hack 59.  Manage Your eBay Auctions
      Chapter 6.  Shareware Apps
      Hacks 60 71: Introduction
      Hack 60.  Display a BlackBerry Today View
      Hack 61.  Sync Your BlackBerry to Your Mac
      Hack 62.  Send Voice Emails from Your Device
      Hack 63.  Fax from Your BlackBerry
      Hack 64.  Sync Memos over the Air Without a BES
      Hack 65.  Spellcheck Outgoing Messages
      Hack 66.  Try a Third-Party Web Browser
      Hack 67.  Try Another Email Program
      Hack 68.  Edit Office Documents
      Hack 69.  Display a Slideshow
      Hack 70.  Get Real-Time Stock Quotes and Charts
      Hack 71.  Track Your Fitness
      Chapter 7.  BES Administration
      Section 7.1.  Hacks 72 84: Introduction
      Hack 72.  Add Users to the BES in Bulk
      Hack 73.  Lock Down Your BlackBerry
      Hack 74.  Test Your SRP Connection
      Hack 75.  Send an Alert When Your SRP Is Down
      Hack 76.  Ping a User's BlackBerry
      Hack 77.  Track Message Delivery Time
      Hack 78.  Create Alerts for Important Users
      Hack 79.  Move the Attachment Service
      Hack 80.  Monitor Attachment Usage
      Hack 81.  Export User Stats to a Text File
      Hack 82.  Create a Web Interface for User Administration
      Hack 83.  Set Owner Info for All Devices
      Hack 84.  Query the BES 4.0 Database
      Chapter 8.  The Web and MDS
      Section 8.1.  Hacks 85 93: Introduction
      Hack 85.  Control Access to Certain Sites
      Hack 86.  Track MDS HTTP Requests
      Hack 87.  Detect BlackBerry Browser Requests the Right Way
      Hack 88.  Make Your Web Sites BlackBerry Friendly
      Hack 89.  Browse WML from Your Desktop
      Hack 90.  Create a Simple Push Application
      Hack 91.  Delete a Push Application
      Hack 92.  Push Install Applications
      Hack 93.  Simulate Any BlackBerry
      Chapter 9.  Application Development
      Section 9.1.  Hacks 94 100: Introduction
      Hack 94.  Create HTTP Connections
      Hack 95.  Create a Simple Stock Quote Application
      Hack 96.  Integrate the Browser into a Java App
      Hack 97.  Deploy BlackBerry Applications
      Hack 98.  Sign Your COD Files
      Hack 99.  Control BlackBerry Applications in the Enterprise
      Hack 100.  Ensure Your App Is Placed First on the Home Screen

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