Debugging Snort Rules


A rule isn't doing what it should be. How can you find out why?


Isolate your rules, and test them one by one in a simple file by using the following syntax:

snort -i eth0 -n 1 -c filename



This allows you to test each rule for correctness. Each rule should parse properly; Snort will exit after it receives one packet. Unfortunately, this only checks that the rule is correctly formed. It doesn't ensure that your logic is right. If a rule isn't doing what you are expecting it to, take it back to first principals:

  • Are you carrying out the right action (Pass, Log, Alert, Dynamic or Activate)?
  • Are you looking at the right protocol (TCP or UDP)?
  • Are you using only one protocol per rule?
  • Are you looking at the right source and destination addresses?
  • Are you looking at the right source and destination ports?
  • Is your rule running in the right direction (->, <-, or <>)?
  • Are you looking for the right thing?
  • Are you suppressing the rule anywhere?

Sometimes it might be wise to start from a clean sheet. The most persistent errors are the ones that you look over time and time again until you begin again, at which point they become obvious.

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