How This Book Is Organized

The hacks in this book vary by type and sometimes by audience. As such, it is divided into nine chapters:

Chapter 1, Using Your BlackBerry

This chapter focuses on getting around in your BlackBerry. There are hacks to change programs, do things quickly, hide rarely used icons, and other useful tricks. Use this chapter to make your BlackBerry your own.

Chapter 2, Email

Use this chapter to become a black belt in the BlackBerry's bread and butter. The hacks in this chapter will help you use the device to interact with the application that even your grandmother now uses.

Chapter 3, Games

Where would a computing platform be without its games? Kill some time in the airport waiting for your next flight with the hacks in this chapter.

Chapter 4, The Internet and Other Networks

Interact with the web services that make the Internet what it is today. The Web has transformed handhelds from simple personal digital assistants to truly mobile computers.

Chapter 5, Free Programs

Where there's an operating system, there are sure to be programs available for it. The applications highlighted in this chapter are free for the taking.

Chapter 6, Shareware Apps

If you're willing to drop a little coin, you can use your BlackBerry to perform a variety of functions from multimedia hacks to spell checking. This chapter features some of the coolest third-party applications out there.

Chapter 7, BES Administration

BlackBerry has become a mission-critical service in the eyes of the corporate executives that use it. BlackBerry administrators will find helpful techniques to help them keep their sanity.

Chapter 8, The Web and MDS

BlackBerry's Mobile Data Service gives users secure access to data from the Internet as well as the intranet. Use this chapter to turn your tired intranet site into a mobile, push-enabled application optimized for the BlackBerry.

Chapter 9, Application Development

Use this chapter as a guide for jumping into BlackBerry development with two feet. These aren't just simple "Hello World" hacks they are high octane techniques that show even beginning developers how to do powerful things with the BlackBerry.

BlackBerry Hacks
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