Chapter Review

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  1. When network users want to print data on a shared network printer, the data is sent to a _____________ that feeds the data to the printer.
  2. Each network print job must be ________________ away from a computer's local printer port and onto the network cable.
  3. The memory buffer in the print server's RAM that holds the print job until the printer is ready is called a ______________.
  4. In order for users to access a shared printer, they must have a way to ________________ the printer.
  5. The printer uses the _________ to construct text and graphics to create the page image.
  6. Managing users who access printing over a computer network includes assigning _________________, as with any other shared network resource.
  7. One task an administrator can accomplish from a remote location is to ______________ print jobs in the queue.
  8. Most current network operating systems allow an administrator to manage a network printer with a ____________ - _______________ ______________.
  9. A good fax server service allows an administrator to ________________ incoming faxes and to ____________ the appropriate one to the proper person.
  10. Fax-server enhancements that allow users to send faxes from ______________, _________________, and ____________ are available.


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