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This book was developed for information system (IS) professionals who need to design, plan, implement, and support computer networks or who plan to take the related Microsoft Certified Professional exam 70-058, Networking Essentials, or the CompTIA Network+ exam. The book is intended to reach a broad audience, encompassing readers who are relatively new to networking as well as more experienced computer professionals. For tips on how to customize the course to meet your needs, see the section "Finding the Best Starting Point for You" later in this chapter.


Readers need not have completed any computer courses prior to working through this self-paced training kit. Anyone who wishes to do so is eligible to take the Networking Essentials and Network+ exams. The Network+ exam is targeted to computer service technicians with at least 18 to 24 months on-the-job experience, although no specific requirements are set out.

The "Getting Started" section later in this chapter describes the hardware and software you will need in order to complete the exercises and view the demonstration files that are a part of this course. Read through that section carefully before you start the lessons.

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