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The Supplemental Course Material compact disc contains informational aids that can be used throughout this book. These include multimedia presentations and demonstrations designed to supplement some of the key concepts covered here. You should view these presentations when suggested, then use them as review tools while you work through the material. The presentations and demonstrations are stored as AVI files. If your machine has standard multimedia support, such as Windows Media Player, you can view these demonstrations by double-clicking on them. See the Readme.txt file on the CD for more information about viewing the demonstration videos.

A complete electronic version of this book is also available on the CD. The electronic version features hot links, full search capabilities, and an index.

MCSE Training Kit Networking Essentials Plus 1999
MCSE Training Kit: Networking Essentials Plus, Third Edition (IT Professional)
ISBN: 157231902X
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2005
Pages: 106

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