Features of This Book

Each chapter opens with a "Before You Begin" section, which prepares you for completing the chapter.

The chapters are then broken into lessons. Whenever possible, lessons contain practices that give you an opportunity to use the skills being presented or explore the part of the application being described. All practices offer step-by-step procedures that are identified with a bullet symbol like the one to the left of this paragraph.

The "Review" section at the end of the chapter allows you to test what you have learned in the chapter's lessons. Appendix A, "Questions and Answers," contains all of the book's questions and corresponding answers.


Several types of notes appear throughout the lessons.

  • Notes marked Tip contain explanations of possible results or alternative methods.
  • Notes marked Important contain information that is essential to completing a task.
  • Notes marked Note contain supplemental information.
  • Notes marked Caution contain warnings about possible loss of data.

MCSE Training Kit(c) Microsoft Windows 2000 Accelerated 2000
MCSE Training Kit(c) Microsoft Windows 2000 Accelerated 2000
Year: 2004
Pages: 244

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