Using Unpitched Instruments

Most synths have unpitched drum or sound-effect patches that contain up to 128 unpitched samples. Reason's Factory Sound Bank doesn't have these for the NN-19but making your own unpitched patch is simple, because unpitched samples typically need only play back at their recorded pitch.

To make an unpitched instrument


Right-click the front panel of your NN-19 and select Initialize Patch from the context menu. The Sample field should read ** no sample **, indicating you're in a blank sampler memory area.


Open the sample browser and navigate to the Reason Factory Sound Bank then Redrum Kits/xclusive drums-sorted/01_BassDrums/BD1 1 OHSH.aif (Figure 6.36).

Figure 6.36. Load a bass drum sound from the xclusive drums-sorted folder into the NN-19.


Click Open. Now the sample map displays the loaded sample (Figure 6.37).

Figure 6.37. The sample display field shows the most recently loaded sample.


Turn the Sample knob back to blank memory so the next sample will not replace the current one (Figure 6.38).

Figure 6.38. Before loading new samples, select the empty sample memory using the Sample knob.


Load the next sample. In this example, I loaded 02_SnareDrums > Sd2_Abstract.wav (Figure 6.39).

Figure 6.39. Check the NN-19's sample map display to make sure it shows the most recently loaded sample.


Repeat steps 4 and 5 until you're finished loading sounds.

For this example, I loaded all the following from the xclusive drums-sorted folder:

 /03_Rimshots/Rim1br.aif /04_Claps/Clp2_Tresor.wav /05_HiHats/HH1 2 RKTI.aif, /HH1V1 RKTI.aif, /HH1V11RKTI.aif /06_Cymbals/CYM1 10HSH.aif, /CYM1V10HSH.aif, /CYM1V20HSH.aif 


Open the sample browser to the Reason Factory Sound Bank, then /Other Samples/ FX-Vox.


Press Ctrl+A (Win) / Cmd+A (Mac) to select all the samples in the folder (Figure 6.40), and click Open to load them all at once.

Figure 6.40. Select multiple samples to load them all into the NN-19 at once.

Expect a slight delay as these samples load.


Make sure nothing's been overwritten by scrolling through memory with the Sample knob.


  • If you overwrite a sample, just return to the blank memory area and reload it. Sample order won't affect a sample's key zone.

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