Creating Multisampled Instruments

Although the Reason Factory Sound Bank's NN-19 Sampler Patches folder contains many multisampled instruments, you may want to create your ownfor example, using samples for other devices.

First you'll need to load the samples you want to use. You could load them individually, but there is a faster way.

To load multiple samples at once


If necessary, right-click your NN-19 and select Initialize Patch.


Click the Browse Sample button, and in the sample browser, navigate to a directory of samples you want to load.


Hold Shift and select all the samples you want to load.

In this example, I selected all the samples in the NN-19 Sampler Patches/Strings/ DblBass directory (Figure 6.25).

Figure 6.25. Select multiple samples to load all at once.

Beyond Reason's Sound Library

Reason's Factory and Orkester banks contain all the sounds you'll need for most types of music. But if you do want more, you can expand your sounds using third-party libraries formatted for Reason. See Appendix B, "Resources," for sample library links.

There's a wealth of Reason-formatted sample libraries on the Internet for free, and most top-quality professional libraries are Reason-compatible. What's more, Reason can convert Akai-format sample CDs using Reload, an application that is free to Reason owners (see "Reload" in Appendix A).


Click OK. After a short delay (depending on the number of samples you selected), all the samples will appear in the sample map display, with no key zones set.


Scroll through memory using the Sample knob to confirm that all your samples loaded (Figure 6.26).

Figure 6.26. Use the Sample knob to verify that your samples loaded.


  • Each time a new sample is loaded, you should see its name at the bottom of the Key Map display. As you turn the Sample knob left, you'll scroll through all the samples loaded in the NN-19this allows you to check that you haven't overwritten any samples during the loading process.

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