Your Reason hardware interface makes it possible to run up to 64 separate audio signals out of Reason and into multi-track software like Acid or Pro Tools (Figure A.5). The software technology that allows you to do this is called ReWire, and it is supported by most major audio software on the market.

Figure A.5. ReWire allows Reason tracks to be recorded in other programs; it currently permits 64-track bussing using the hardware interface back panel.

Though Propellerhead has mentioned plans to expand ReWire2 to 256 channels, no further word has been announced as of the writing of this book.

How ReWire functions depends on the recording software. In Digidesign's Pro Tools, any audio signal routed through Reason's hardware interface can be brought up in the Mixer window channel strips as inserts (Figure A.6).

Figure A.6. Reason audio can be sent to a Pro Tools mixer channel using the insert function.

In Steinberg's Nuendo, a 64-channel input/output window allows you to enable and disable audio inputs coming from your Reason hardware interface (Figure A.7).

Figure A.7. Steinberg's Nuendo multi-track recording software shows the 64-channel ReWire bus that integrates Reason painlessly into the domain of audio recording and post-production.

When routing audio to another program, Reason's mixing features are less important, as most of the mixing happens where the live recording is taking place.

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