Hopefully this book has given you an idea of how versatile slice files are both as ways of creating rhythmic sample patches and as ways of mixing up beats and morphing music loops. If you want to make your own loop files and use them without tempo restrictions, you'll need ReCycle to do it.

ReCycle lets you create your own Rex files (.rx2), the most common and simplest way to expand your Reason sound library. With ReCycle you can slice loops into Rex files automatically or manually. It includes a variety of sensitivity knobs, gates, and equalization and gain tools to tune the loops (Figure A.8).

Figure A.8. The ReCycle! interface includes many tools to help you make your own slice files.

ReCycle can open up your existing loop library, allowing you to preserve a loop's character regardless of tempo. It can also exaggerate or add new effects to old sounds. The latest version, 2.1, supports 24-bit audio and can be purchased from the Propellerhead Web site for $249.

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