Offered free to registered Reason owners, Reload converts Akai sample CDs into ReFill format. You can download it from the Propellerhead Web site (, as long as you're logged in as a registered user.

To convert an Akai sample CD


Launch the Reload program.


The first time you launch Reload you'll be asked to provide a serial number. This number is mailed to you when you register Reload. It is also stored at the Propellerhead site under My Account > My Registered Products.


Reload will prompt you to insert an Akai sample CD. Insert the CD you want to convert.


Choose whether you want to create NN-XT patches or whether you want Reload to create NN-XT patches and build them into a ReFill (Figure A.1).

Figure A.1. Choose either a folder or ReFill format.


If you choose to create patches, Reload will ask you to pick or create a destination folder (Figure A.2).

Figure A.2. Choose a destination folder for your patches.


If you choose to create a ReFill, Reload will ask you to choose or create a destination folder. This folder must be empty or you will get an error message (Figure A.3).

Figure A.3. ReFills need an empty folder.


Reload will begin converting the CD (Figure A.4). This can take anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour, depending on your CD and processor speeds.

Figure A.4. Use Reload to convert an Akai CD into a ReFill.

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