Chapter 11. Mastering

Reason's MClass tools make it possible for you to master your music. "Mastering" originally meant creating the master copy or master recordingthe final version that gets duplicated and mass-produced. Today, it means getting music ready for any form of distribution, and with so many digital processing tools available, that can be accomplished through a variety of processes.

For our purposes, it means adjusting the final equalization, dynamics, and output level of your song so it will stand up to other professional recordings. Generally, the goals of mastering are to

  • Correct equalization imbalances.

  • Reign in tone and loudness variations between tracks.

  • Repair pops, clicks, and hums that could impact airplay.

  • "Fatten" anemic or "smooth out" harsh-sounding digital recordings.

Although the actual process depends on your own song, this chapter will teach you what to listen for and introduce you to Reason's tools for outputting a CD master that will be acceptable at any duplication plant.

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