Importing Audio

To manipulate a saved loop sample in one of Reason's sampling instruments, just import the audio file back into your project.

To import audio for use in Reason


Create an NN-XT sampler in your Rack.


Open the Remote Editor and click Browse Sample.


Navigate to your exported sound file and select it to load it into your sampler (Figure 10.36).

Figure 10.36. Loading a long audio file into one of Reason's samplers is possible, if you have enough RAM to do it.

If your computer doesn't have enough spare RAM or processing power to handle the sample, Reason will display an "Out of memory" message in the lower-left corner of the browser window (Figure 10.37).

Figure 10.37. Reason will let you know if a file is too large to load.


Once the file is loaded into your sampler (Figure 10.38), you can use a sustained note in the sampler's Sequencer track to trigger the sample (Figure 10.39).

Figure 10.38. This sampler patch is loaded with a long audio file.

Figure 10.39. You can use a Sequencer track to trigger a long sample, giving you a limited capability to play audio tracks within your song.

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