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    DOM XML library 
    embedding PHP with XML-compliant tags 
        close tags 
        DTD and Schema 
        nesting documents 
        character data handler 
        creating a parser 
        default handler 
        element handlers 
        entity handlers 
        methods as handlers 
        PHP's XML parser 
        processing instructions 
        sample application 
        XML parser extension 
    PI (Process Instruction) tag 
    transforming with XSLT  2nd 
        XML document 
        XSL stylesheet 
    WDDX extension 
    web services 
        clients for XML-RPC service 
        XML-RPC and SOAP protocols 
xml_error_string( ) function 
xml_get_error_code( ) function 
xml_parse( ) function 
xml_parser_create( ) function 
xml_parser_free( ) function 
xml_parser_get_option( ) function 
xml_parser_set_option( ) function 
xml_set_character_data_handler( ) function 
xml_set_default_handler( ) function 
xml_set_element_handler( ) function 
xml_set_external_entity_ref_handler( ) 
xml_set_notation_decl_handler( ) 
xml_set_object( ) function 
xml_set_processing_instruction_handler( ) function 
xml_set_unparsed_entity_decl_handler( ) function 
xmlrpc extension 
    online documentation for 
xmlrpc_server_call_method( ) 
xmlrpc_server_create( ) function 
xmlrpc_server_register_method( ) 
XOR operator
    ^ (bitwise XOR) 
    ^= (bitwise assignment) 
    document transforming XML into HTML 
    transformation from files 
    transformation from variables 
xsl\:template elements 
    creating XSLT processor 
    extension for 
xslt_create( ) function 
xslt_process( ) function 
xu_rpc_http_concise( ) function 

Programming PHP
Programming PHP
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